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These prices are based on payment on completion of the work.

Service calls are estimated by adding the travel time, travel cost, parking and site time using our hourly rate of £80 per hour rounded up to the 1/4 hour.

We're Going GREEN - Depending on the nature of your call and your location we will walk or use public transport to get to you along with hand tools and testing equipment.

Tube, Bus or Taxi charged at cost +25%.

Should we need a van for ladders or steps, equipment or materials then the following charges apply: -

Congestion Charge @ £15 /day 

Mileage rate @ £1.55 /mile

Parking @ £6.50 /hr (unless its Free)

Step and Ladders under 2.5m are included in the labour rate

Step and Ladders over 2.5m are charged at £28.00 per visit

Average Service call to repair one a/c unit from £169.00 depending on location and fault.

Maintenance Contracts from £165.00 per year, includes break down cover @ 25% discount on service call labour rate.

Chemical Treatment of indoor fan coils to remove bad odours.

Our standard service use a chemical called CondenCide®
Bacteria, fungi and other microbes growing on air conditioning coils are a source of bad odours, allergic reactions and spread of diseases.

CondenCide® will thoroughly clean and disinfect coils and trays in air conditioning and systems.

For fan coils with strong smells, we recommend using Frionett Clim Bactericide Spray. This is a powerful cleaning and sanitising active foam spray with long lasting effect. It disinfects, deodorises and sanitises indoor fan coils.

Standard Treatment per fan coil                                   CondenCide®    £ 6.95 

Very Strong Smell Treatment per fan coil                   Frionett Clim       £26.50

Condensate pumps from                                                                            £138.00

Magic Bond Epoxy Putty                                                                           £18.00

Refrigerant Gas from                                                                                   £55.00 

Gas Leak Chemical Seal up to 17.5Kw A/C system                                £99.75

Chemical Dye for Gas Leak Detection UV                                               £78.50

Pressure Test with Nitrogen from                                                             £125.00

High Pressure Cartridge (to clear condensate line)                               £23.00

Electronic Leak Detection                                                                          £25.50

Wine Cellar Cooler split systems from

Installation for a back to back system from                                             £995.00

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Registered in England No. 4904915    VAT No. 937 5757 74

F-Gas Company Certificate Number: FGAS2000175 

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